Reaping success on iOS, Frontback ventured to dive into the more crowded pool, Android. While still in the iOS environment, Frontback achieved success with download benchmarks that reached more than one million in eight months. Their parking to the Android port ensures a surge in users in the near future.

Initially Frontback is a camera application that will capture fleeting moments, Frontback Post is a two-way picture delivery, what's in front of you and what's behind you at the same time.

The Android version of Frontback is exactly the same as the iOS version, nothing is more nothing is reduced. Although there is little reskin from the developer so that this application appears more 'Android' by adjusting the button and menu by following the Android guidelines. In this way, you become even more convinced that Frontback is not just an iOS app that is moved to a port but is truly a native Android application.

Frontback version of Android actually has one advantage that has not appeared on the iOS version, namely offline mode. In this mode you can take Frontback-style images and save them, when you are online, this application will upload them automatically to the Frontback server for you, this feature will reportedly immediately go to the latest iOS version update.

"Because in our application there are full-screen images, the memory problem is one of the things that we continue to improve. Moreover, the way Frontback works is very dependent on the functionality of the camera. "Giovanni Vatieri, head of Android Frontback's development, said in an email to Techcrunch's website. "The toughest challenge is how to get the best quality shots, given the different camera capabilities on each device, also taking into account the free memory when the user starts opening the camera application."

What's more, the Frontback interface is a bit different from the look of other photo sharing apps, when you open Frontback, you will immediately be faced with two overlapping boxes which are Frontback posts filling your smartphone screen. But Android devices have different screens, with their respective levels of resolution and image density. Frontback must also face this challenge.

Frontback CEO and President Frédéric della Faille said that this application received a surge of users in the last two months of 2014. Uploaded photos also exploded up to three times. In other words, Frontback seems to be a new trend that continues Instagram's progress.


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