Vivo started in 2019 in Indonesia by bringing the latest V15 product that presents a pop-up camera as the main feature on this phone.
V15 is the first Vivo product in Indonesia that uses a pop-up camera, previous products including NEX are not sold here.

Body and design

V15 comes with a slim body measuring 6.19 x 2.94 x 0.32 inches. A fairly large body size is offset by a large screen size of 6.59 inches, Vivo named this widescreen Ultimate All Screen.

The Vivo V15 screen has an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9, the current standard large screen phone, with a resolution of 1,080 x 2,340 FHD +.

Vivo does not follow the trend of notch waterdrop or dewsdrop that is rife in cellphone output 2019 because the V15 does not require bangs to accommodate the front camera. The front of the phone is entirely in the form of a screen with a thin bezel.

Vivo makes designs like this to meet market demand for a wide screen. Instead, the V15 uses a pop-up design for the front camera, located on the upper body.

V15 thin bezel also applies to the top and bottom, capacitive buttons on this mobile are all virtual.

V15 body is made of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate, impressed elegant thanks to the glossy or glossy appearance on the back of the body coupled with the gradation of a darker color game on the upper rear body.

When held, the V15 feels slippery because the cellphone body is coated in glass. To reduce the danger of a cell phone falling when held and prevent the body from being scratched, Vivo also includes a hard case in this cell phone case. Unfortunately, this hard case actually makes the phone feel great when held.


V15 runs with the operating system made by Vivo, Funtouch OS, which was developed from Android 9 Pie.

Vivo's Funtouch comes with top and bottom drawers on the main or home screen. Touch and drag the screen from top to bottom to open the drawer with notifications, while pulling the screen from the bottom up will open a shortcut to a number of phone settings.

Users can adjust the brightness of the mobile screen, turn off internet data, turn on Bluetooth and turn on GPS via a shortcut in the bottom drawer of the V15.

Pop-up camera

The most sought after part in the Vivo V15 is a pop-up camera for selfies, even if the user doesn't like taking selfies.

The Vivo V15 pop-up camera is located at the top right, it is parallel to the rear camera trio. Even though they don't take selfies often, users might find it fun to see pop-up cameras go up and down.

Pop-up cameras, aka hidden cameras, will automatically activate if the user opens an application that requires a front camera, such as a selfie or a video call from an application sending messages.

The pop-up camera will rise within 0.46 seconds after the user activates the front camera when he wants to take a photo. Likewise when closing the camera application, the camera pop-up will drop within 0.46 seconds.

Vivo had predicted that the camera would go up and down along with the use of a cellphone camera, so they also prepared this camera to hold it for a long time.

Assuming the use of the front camera 30 times a day, Vivo claims the V15 pop-up camera will last for five years, with an estimated pop-up camera up and down 50,000 times. Vivo also provides anti-scratch and anti-dust filters on pop-up cameras.

In addition, Vivo also claims that this camera is impact resistant from the front up to 15 kilograms. The pop-up camera will automatically enter when it is held from above and cannot rise if there are strong obstacles on it.

The Vivo V15 pop-up camera has a 32MP resolution that has various features, including photo bokeh effects with the Portrait Light Effect feature and making GIFs with Live Photos.

Vivo installed AI Beauty mode for the front camera, the features offered were too numerous so they had to be used wisely. If used all, the user might not recognize his own face.

The features found in AI Beauty start from adjusting the brightness of skin color, face shape, jaw shape, eyes, forehead, nose, to mouth shape.

Back camera

The AI ​​Beauty feature also applies to the V15 rear camera, if photographing a face, the features in the AI ​​Beauty front camera can also be used on the back camera. Vivo provides additional editing of body shape through the Slim feature, users can adjust the shape of the head, hips to legs without the need to install additional applications.

Vivo has a three-camera configuration behind, with a main camera of 12 MP, 8MP wide lens and 5MP depth lens. How to use these lenses is very easy, users simply tap on the icon that appears above the shutter.

Here are photos with each V15 lens, the results are quite good when used at night.

Vivo V15 has an AI Portrait Lighting feature that will provide the best lighting advice when taking photos.


Vivo installs a chipset made by MediaTek, Helio P70 for this phone, combined with 6GB RAM and internal storage capacity.

This phone is enough to be used and installed applications that are often used daily, including to work with WPS Office.

The battery capacity offered by the V15 is quite large, which is 4,000mAh, with medium to heavy usage, users can only refill once when used all day.

This phone is also equipped with fast charging, users need about 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100 percent with the condition of the standby phone and not used during recharging.

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