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Telkomsel 4G LTE mobile service is officially present as the first commercially in Bandung, Sunday (15/3).

Published on: 9/22/19, 11:34 PM

The final version of Windows 8 has now been released by Microsoft, after which it was launched and made in stages through different channels.

Published on: 9/22/19, 1:03 AM

For some cases that often occur, most of the data (files, folders) stored on the flash disk suddenly disappear after being plugged into the computer. This happens because the computer is infected with a virus.

Published on: 9/22/19, 12:29 AM

For those of you who like to edit videos, but using software must be familiar. Now try new things by editing videos online using tools that are rarely known by people.

Published on: 9/22/19, 12:12 AM

Reaping success on iOS, Frontback ventured to dive into the more crowded pool, Android. While still in the iOS environment, Frontback achieved success with download benchmarks that reached more than one million in eight months. Their parking to the Android port ensures a surge in users in the near future.

Published on: 8/16/19, 9:22 PM

ZTE is one of the most productive Chinese manufactures and the product line whose catalog they keep updating with the latest release is the Blade series which is targeted at the middle level entry level market.

Published on: 8/16/19, 9:13 PM

Dragon Quest III, which was released for the Android and iOS platforms in early December 2014, is one of the games that was previously credited with introducing the famous game developer and publisher Enix to the world game arena.

Published on: 8/16/19, 7:48 AM - Xiaomi the king of Chinese smartphones finally presents the latest flagship phone that is presented to compete directly with the iPhone 6 Plus. They have given teaser bit by bit before officially announcing the launch of two new smart phones that enter the flagship line called Mi Note on January 15, 2015.

Published on: 8/16/19, 7:42 AM - After marking its inaugural debut via the Redmi 1S smartphone, Xiaomi, a rising gadget manufacturer from China, will soon market its second product of the type "phablet".

Published on: 8/15/19, 11:35 PM

The lovers of Apple products aka "fanboy" will of course rejoice with the launch of the latest iPhone in the coming time.

Published on: 8/14/19, 12:18 PM