Tips on Buying a New Android Smartphone

Buying an Android phone requires a small survey. The many types of phones with Android, both brand and specifications and price, often make buyers dizzy. Which cellphone is of high quality, but according to funds?

Not a few are "stuck" with the precepts brand, but they don't know the relevant cellphone specifications. After a while of use, they feel disappointed and blame the brand.

Although information about cellphone specifications is easy to obtain. The buyer's job is to choose wisely when he wants to buy a phone. However, the needs and desires of each person is different.

Buying an Android phone is also different from buying a cellphone from another platform. For example, we will make decisions more easily when we want to buy an iPhone. The options are narrower than the last iPhone or the previous one.

For this reason, you should think about what to consider before buying.

Non-technical considerations when buying a cellphone.

Here are some non-technical things to consider when buying a cell phone.


Determine funds to buy a telephone.

By limiting funds, we limit cell phone choices. Price range will determine the range of specifications and features of mobile phones. Phones with specifications above the average compared to others at the same price will also be recognized more easily.


Consider your needs

Consider what functions you need from your cellphone. Some sophisticated functions are often used in daily activities. The latest advanced features usually do not function optimally. For example a retina scanner.


Beware of technological changes.

Changes in device technology are very fast. This sometimes breaks the habits that have been built up so far. Especially if the technology is also related to other devices, such as accessories.

For example, the iPhone 7 started the trend without a 3.5mm audio plug. Currently some Android phones don't have it.

If you are among those who like to listen to music from a cell phone, of course this factor becomes important. With a cellphone without a 3.5mm audio jack, you have to buy a Bluetooth headset or an additional jack.

Technical considerations for buying an Android phone.

Now let's look at some technical things that can affect the user experience after buying an Android phone.


Telephone processor

The processor, or rather the Chip System (SoC), will determine the speed of data processing. Starting from opening applications, playing games without problems, editing photos faster, etc.

Processor type or class generally also reflects cellular class. For example, middle-class phones generally use Snapdragon 6xx processors, and high-end phones use Snapdragon 8xx.

The processor also usually affects the process of updating the Android operating system. This is related to the availability of drivers and chipset optimization. For example, phones with Mediatek processors are less likely to update Android than those using Snapdragon.


Phone RAM

RAM memory is associated with mobile multitasking capabilities. The more RAM, the easier it is to use many applications and move faster between applications.

Although currently 2GB RAM is the minimum standard, if there is a choice of mobile phones with more RAM but the price is not much different, why not?



As an illustration, Android 6.0 Marshmallow has a size of around 3.93GB. Besides the default application, it will also install other applications and save photos, videos, or music.

Check that the mobile has an SD card slot. You can also see how much internal memory. If there is an SD card, you can choose 16 GB of internal memory. If there isn't, choose one that has at least 32 GB of internal memory.


SIM card slot

Do you want to use two numbers on the cellphone? If so, look for a cellphone that supports dual SIM cards. Having a cellphone with a dual SIM card has its own advantages. One of them does not need another cellphone.


Screen size

At present, some phones offer a standard version and another with a larger screen. This is of course to satisfy everyone's tastes.

If you use your cellphone more often to communicate, whether through a messaging application or social network, a cellphone with a screen about 5 inches is sufficient. But if you like watching movies, reading electronic books, editing videos, etc., the big screen clearly offers more benefits.



Well, in reality this does not need to be discussed further. It is clear that large capacity batteries are more cost effective.

Even so, it's a good idea to verify whether the phone has a fast charging function or not. This feature will speed up the loading process. So don't wait too long until the phone is fully charged.

In addition, see also whether the cell phone battery can be replaced or not. If you can remove and replace it, it has the advantage of having a spare battery.

Resistance characteristics

Published on: 8/12/19, 9:07 AM