Technology in the New Generation of iPhone Makes Cellular Operators Anxious

The lovers of Apple products aka "fanboy" will of course rejoice with the launch of the latest iPhone in the coming time.

But unlike these "fanboys", cellular operators can actually be made dizzy by the latest iPhone later.
Why is that? A report released by Barron said that it was the iPhone that would be launched in the future.

This news was stated by Anthony Stoss, a market analyst from the firm Craig-Hallum.
According to him, Apple has agreed to an agreement with ST Microelectronics to produce the eSIM chip which will be attached to the iPhone motherboard.

With this agreement, Apple is predicted to leave the traditional SIM card and replace it with eSIM for future iPhone products.

The Customer Identification Module, or what we know as the term "SIM card", has several types based on Nano, Micro, and standard sizes.

The most widely used at this time is the Nano SIM because of its smaller size so it does not require much space on the cell phone.

The difference, eSIM does not have a physical shape like a SIM card in general. eSIM is made challenging in the device and difficult to dismantle.

So what's the loss for the operator? Quoted from Barron, Saturday (07/16/2018). eSIM has indeed become quite a worrying specter in a few years.

The reason is, although eSIM is made difficult on the device and difficult to remove, users are made even easier if they want to switch from one operator to another.

Users can use special software to switch between operators. Quite adequate with eSIM offers for package offers from various operators, with the convenience of users being able to switch services.
Of course along with the presence of new technology, the operator must immediately get ready. And the capital that will be poured for this preparation is small. Furthermore, there are only a handful of cellular operators in the world who are truly ready for this breakthrough. Nevertheless, there has been no confirmation from Apple whether the news really exists.

If true, the operator must get ready. Because, big for the next few years, eSIM will become a popular technology and be used en masse by smartphone makers.

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Published on: 8/14/19, 12:18 PM