4 Free Online Tools for Editing Videos

wegner.tech For those of you who like to edit videos, but using software must be familiar. Now try new things by editing videos online using tools that are rarely known by people. You don't need to download hundreds of MB or even GB software to be able to edit videos, just use your browser and visit a site that has video editing tools so you can edit videos. But the video editing tools that PG shared are only for cutting, spilcing, and merge.

You must be impatient not to know cool tools for editing videos? Here PG will share just 4 tools for being able to edit videos online:


1. YouTube Video Editor

You must already know about YouTube but did you know that YouTube has tools for editing videos? If you already know, you're lucky. YouTube Video Editor has many features to edit videos, with the following features:

Visit YouTube Video Editor:


2. Pixorial

Pixorial is a cloud-based online service, this service is also linked to a Google account. So the video that you uploaded is saved in Google Drive. To be able to use Pixorial you need to register first or log in using Google or Facebook.

The features provided by Pixorial:

Visit Pixorial:


3. WeVideo

WeVideo is another online tool that you can use to edit videos online. The appearance and features of WeVideo look more professional than the two tools above. Same with Pixorial, to be able to use WeVideo you need to register first. But you can log in using Google or Facebook. Here are the full features of WeVideo:

Visit WeVideo:


4. FileLab Video Editor

FileLab Video Editor has professional features but its appearance is easier to understand and use than WeVideo. More effects and transitions and great for editing videos. To be able to use FileLab Video Editor, you install Plugins from this online tool. Want to know about the full features of FileLab Video Editor?

Visit FileLab Video Editor:

Hopefully the online video editing tools above can make it easier for you to edit videos without using software, good luck ..

Published on: 9/22/19, 12:12 AM