Steps to install Windows 8 Final The final version of Windows 8 has now been released by Microsoft, after which it was launched and made in stages through different channels. For those of you who do not really understand about Windows 8, here we will share step by step how to install Windows 8 Final complete with pictures to your computer or notebook and laptop respectively, whether it's done through Windows 8 DVD media or using a USB Flashdisk .
The tools needed are the Windows 8 installation CD, if you don't have it please download the final version of Windows 8 from Microsoft or buy through one of the official channels that are already available. If you already have an .iso file and don't know how to move to a CD or DVD, please see How to burn an .iso file in Windows 7, also for those who want to use a USB flash drive to install Windows 8, please see How to install Windows 8 using a USB flashdisk.
If you want to run Windows 8 on a virtual machine, the free software you can use is VirtualBox. When starting to create a New Virtual Machine Wizard, select Windows 8 as the operating system and Virtual Box will adjust its settings so that everything runs smoothly.

Step by step How to install Windows 8
First, you need to boot your computer using the Windows 8 installation media (CD or USB flash drive). If you are using a virtual machine, boot from the Iso image installation.
Windows 8 takes a few moments to load the setup file, where you will see most of the black screen, similar to the image below.

After the required files are copied, setup begins by asking what language, time, currency and keyboard input settings you want to use. Make the choices you want and click Next.

Click the "Install Now" button to begin the Windows 8 installation process

You will be asked to enter the product key needed to activate the Windows 8 installation. Type the product key you purchased and click Next. If you have purchased a retail version of Windows 8, the product key will be found in the packaging for the installation disc. The same product key will then be asked to activate Windows 8, after the installation is complete.

You will be asked to read the license agreement, check the box labeled "I accept the license terms" then click the Next button

You will be asked to choose between making an upgrade or custom installation. Select "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)"

Now you will be asked to choose where you want to install Windows 8. Select the partition you want and click Next. If you install Windows 8 on a virtual machine, or on a new computer you must first create a partition. Therefore click on Drive Options.

Then, create a new partition using the New button.

Determine the desired partition size then click Apply
Note: Windows 8 requires at least 10GB of disk space, if you want to install other applications on the same partition, at least make a minimum of 20-30GB.

You will be asked to confirm if it is OK Windows 8 creates an additional partition for the file system, which will be used for boot and recovery. Click OK.

Make sure the selected partition is correct and click Next.
NOTE: In this step you can also format the partition where Windows 8 will be installed, before pressing Next.

Installation finally begins. Setup will take a few minutes to copy all the required files and install the operating system.

After the installation is complete, Windows 8 setup will automatically reboot the system. Then, you will see the process of preparation made for the first login. In order for this process to complete, it may take several more restarts, depending on the hardware configuration of each computer.
Personalizing Windows 8 Installation
After the reboot is complete, Windows 8 will need some time to prepare everything.

Then, you will be asked to personalize your Windows 8 installation. Start by giving a name to your computer. If you type some "invalid" characters like $,%, &, you will be notified that these characters cannot be used. Also, choose the background color you want. When finished, click Next.

If you install Windows 8 on a laptop or device with a wireless network card (wifi), you will be asked to choose a wireless network to connect and enter the appropriate password to connect to the wifi network. On a computer or device that is connected via a cable to the network, you will not go through this step.
Next, you need to choose whether you want to use the Express Settings that come bundled with Windows 8, or you want to adjust your installation. For this we will choose the Customize option, click Customize.

First, you will be asked whether you want to enable file sharing or not. Please choose the option you want

Published on: 9/22/19, 1:03 AM