Despite being one of the most popular OSs, MIUI has received a lot of criticism in recent months because of the presence of advertisements that are sometimes too annoying.

Published on: 9/24/19, 7:37 AM

Telkomsel 4G LTE mobile service is officially present as the first commercially in Bandung, Sunday (15/3).

Published on: 9/22/19, 11:34 PM

For those of you who like to edit videos, but using software must be familiar. Now try new things by editing videos online using tools that are rarely known by people.

Published on: 9/22/19, 12:12 AM

Dragon Quest III, which was released for the Android and iOS platforms in early December 2014, is one of the games that was previously credited with introducing the famous game developer and publisher Enix to the world game arena.

Published on: 8/16/19, 7:48 AM